About Jessica Kennedy

Jessica Kennedy The Differently-Abled Writer and Speaker  is a multi published author of children's books, adult Christian and inspirational essays and articles; an inspirational and motivational speaker at civic organizations, at continuing education classes for respiratory therapists and medical professionals and varied venues and The Quad Spot blog's creator.


Jessica Kennedy at computer
Jessica Aday Kennedy May 2017

Writing Education

Through many continuing education writing courses online like  the Institute for Children's Literature intensive course on writing for children, the Muse it Up Club's critique groups and their free online writers conference and research across the internet Jessica learned the ins and outs of writing.




How Jessica Kennedy Became a Ventilator-Dependent Quadriplegic

In 1998 after a misdiagnosis of the flu her pneumococcal spinal meningitis worsened and  she suffered a cardiac and respiratory arrest; simultaneously experienced a brain stem stroke, herniation and infarct and fell into a coma.  After two weeks the doctors recommended her family turn off the ventilator and let her die. At the time her mom refused to remove life support, but agreed to issue a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) order. In the hospital chapel she gave Jessica to God and accepted His will whatever that was.  She finally made her peace and let go. It wasn't in her control. Upon her return to Jessica's bedside accompanied by the family they linked hands and prayed for guidance and God's will.  Before Lee left the room she said, “If she's in there Lord, wake her up.”

The family left the hospital and over lunch began to plan the funeral.  Two hours later Jessica's mom and sister entered her hospital room.  Lee said, “I just made your funeral arrangements,” and then she thought she noticed a change.  Jessica's eyes are tracking my movements. I think she’s awake.”




Jessica Kennedy  Work in Progress

A Journey of Laughter Through Tears - a memoir for senior high and older readers. Jessica's spiritual, emotional, and physical rehabilitation. 

A Crippled Mind - a novel for middle grade readers Patty was a daddy's girl, but Daddy died in the car wreck that left Patty a paraplegic.  As if that wasn't enough her mom dropped her with her grandparents, but kept her baby brother with her while she sells the only home Patty has ever known. With Gran and Pap's help she learns how to cope while she sees their faith in everything they do and she begins to know Him.

Miscellaneous articles and Chicken Soup for the Soul essays.


 Tomorrow, sister ; Jessica  & Remington, nephew
Jessica Kennedy, Susy Jouett & Rob Roden
1998 Jessica Kennedy Lee Kennedy & Yestraday Watkins
Brainstorm Meeting with Kathy Froneberger, Jessica Kennedy, Lee Kennedy and Kathryn Menard 2017
Jessica Kennedy & Kathryn Menard (front seat of handicap conversion Van