February Computer Spring Cleaning


Idea bubble graphic Computer File Organization Is On-Going
The Computer File Organization Evolved with My Interests 

My computer file organization lacked structure. I am an author, blogger, patient and disability advocate and professional speaker. . Since I have multiple interests including polymer clay, jewelry design, the holocaust, Christianity,  social media and educating myself about ever- changing technology, as well as, reading three books or more a week. Of course I am always busy and hard at work.


Before #TransferingFiles to From an Old Computer to a  #NewComputer 


Texas Workforce Commission plans to fund a van conversion and new computer with adaptive equipment and software. (#TexasWorkforceOrganization #TWC is funding my computer, handicap accessible software and hardware, a rotation mattress, wheelchair. See the previous posts on Financial  resources Part 1Part 2 and Part 3.) I stopped and analyzed my goals and how I will use my computer to reach those goals. Since a blog, promotion of my books and speaking services is key to my success I reorganized my computer files and then deleted duplicate and unnecessary files. In the light of a need for  protection and storage of my pictures, videos and backup copies of my books in progress.

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The resource I use most often is #YouTube. Any time I have a question about how to do something or information on any subject, I go to YouTube and search for videos. That is where I learned about #NewBlogs in 2017, WordPress, a Website hosting service, #SEO #SearchEngineOptimization, polymer clay and twine macramé jewelry. The information available is limitless. Whether it is craft ideas, answers to questions, general information, practical information or entertainment YouTube is an excellent resource. So, I watched videos about the pros and cons of online storage providers and learned about the features available.

Computer File Organization: Make a Plan
Computer File Organization Chart Computer_File_Organization_chart
Computer File Organization Chart

Do you have a hard time finding your computer files?  Grab some paper or to Microsoft and sketch a flow chart for your future computer hard drive as shown above. Then when I get the new computer I will need to transfer my old computer files onto the new computer. My old computer has a capacity of 454 GB and 176 GB are used. With an online backup of my organized computer, I am prepared for my new computer. In the future I will share what website host, plugins and online storage provider I chose and many more posts about quadriplegia, rehabilitation, and disability.

Please continue to share comments and questions. 

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