Go Fund Me Fundraiser Tips

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“All you need is the plan, the road map and the courage to press on to your destination.” by Earl Nightingale

A successful Go Fund Me campaign takes preparation and hard work. I am by no means an expert, but I have learned that with determination, computer and the internet anything can be learned. First and foremost, do your homework, because anything worth doing is worth doing well. I want everything NOW or sooner, but if someone jumps out and starts a Go Fund Me Campaign with no forethought or preparation I have no one to blame, but myself if it fails. Some suggest taking three months to plan. I didn’t do that. It was a HUGE mistake. The “Help Jessica Get a Handicap Van” Go Fund Me fundraiser raised $3,377 from June 1, 2017 to August 14, 2017. Pretty impressive, but the goal is $65,000 to pay for a handicap van.




Generate a Detailed Plan for your Go Fund Me Fundraiser 

  • Get a calendar and plan weekly events to keep your fundraiser trending. The more likes, comments and shares you get and visits to your Go Fund Me Fundraiser page the more exposure it gets. and possibility it will go viral. Cross your fingers.


  • Pre plan social media posts and write emails to possible donors based on assigned categories of your email contacts. The categories are hot, warm & cold and dependent on the likelihood they’ll donate., because I didn’t make time to write posts and emails before, no pre plan at all, my Go Fund Me Fundraiser didn’t raise more money. Prepare press releases to send to radio and television stations throughout your fundraiser that highlight your pre planned events.Yet another reason for the planned calendar events is so you have items to announce in your press releases. (If you don’t know how to write a press release search the internet.)
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    I admit I Know that I’m not perfect. It’s our secret. Don’t tell my family!

    Since it is your plan you should take an honest look at yourself, your strengths and weaknesses. In the light of them, when you make your plan ask yourself how will you overcome your short comings and use your strengths?




  • I am impatient. and try to do everything myself. My philosophy had always been that if I wanted something done right, I needed to do it myself. Since my stroke I have learned I can’t do it ALL anymore. Delegating and trusting people to complete tasks is essential. I need help, now more than ever, but I’ve always had a hard time asking for it, accepting it and accepting that I need it. I often realize I need assistance, but only after I feel overwhelmed, inadequate and break down in tears. Seems like I would have learned by now. Maybe by the time I’m 50?


Kathy Menard and Jessica Kennedy
Kathy Menard and Jessica Kennedy
  • So, to guard against my tendency to do everything on my own I accepted my caregiver, Kathy Menard’s offer to be in charge. She will never know how thankful I am and how hard I have fought to refrain from taking control back. I’M A CONTROL FREAK!




  • Assemble a team of people motivated to launch the Go Fund Me campaign and propel it to success. Brainstorm ideas for events to increase exposure and generate donations. Read the three posts on financial resources Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 for some ideas..


  • Consider making videos. Wondershare Filmora  is $39.99 and easy to use. Anything you need to know about Filmora can be learned in tutorials on YouTube.


  • Keep the main Go Fund Me fundraiser video short and tell a compelling story.


  • Take a look at my “Help Jessica Get a Handicap Van” page on my website and my Go Fund Me fundraiser Page on the Go Fund Me website  . I didn’t made a main Go Fund Me fundraiser video, but I have made others. In hindsight, having videos ready to post would be best. I had to learn the program and make the videos after my Go Fund Me Fundraiser began.


  • Offer something to your donors to give incentives for them to donate. I haven’t come up with a gift for all donors, but for donors of $25 or more their names are entered into a prize drawing.

  • Thank your donors promptly on social media, as well as, privately in an email. I made a video thanking my donors and posted it on social media.


  • Try to learn from my mistakes so that your Go Fund Me Fundraiser will be a success.