Help Jessica Get a Handicap Van

To donate follow the link to the GoFundMe campaign  "Help Jessica Get a Handicap Van."

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My caregiver, Kathryn Menard started a GoFundMe campaign, “Help Jessica Get a Handicap Van” to help pay for a handicap van. The van I have is almost 20 years old and dying. They don’t even make the part it needs anymore and it can’t pass inspection. The new van  will cost $65,000 with the conversion. (The conversion costs more than half.)

Furthermore, the lift and ramp don’t always work. So, if the van gets me where I want to go, then I might not be able to get out, in to go home or out when we get home. It’s just too chancy.

In light of these issues if I can’t drive my wheelchair I stay home. For about 6 weeks total each year in the spring and fall that’s possible. My body doesn’t regulate temperature. Therefore, unless the temperature is between 73 and 86 degrees I can’t stay outdoors for very long.

Pray for donations and that everyone share my story on social media, Google +, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter . If you are unable to donate, your prayers and shares can be invaluable and for those of you who donate please pray and share, as well. Thank you for taking the time to learn about Kathryn's fundraiser for Jessica. Thanks ahead of time. If you choose not to, please take a moment to pray for the success of the campaign.


Trip to Handicap Van Dealership

picture of handicap conversion van with Jessica Kennedy & Kathryn Menard (back seat) Lee Kennedy & Harold Wall (front seat)

I Can't Wait!!!

Jessica Kennedy & Kathryn Menard (front seat of handicap conversion Van) Lee Kennedy (back seat)

Destined to be in the backseat FOREVER

I had 3 older sisters and the oldest always got to sit up front. When I got my driver's license I was always up front, because I was driving. Since I became a quadriplegic (19 years) I have been stuck in the back.

It’s my turn! Get in the backseat!

In my new van the front passenger seat can be easily rolled out and removed. It's so easy a child of 12 or 13 could do it. My wheelchair can be tied down in the front passenger seat's place.

General Overview of a Handicap Van Conversion

Rejoicing in the Generosity of Individuals, Businesses  and Jesus Christ
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 "Help Jessica Get a Handicap Van." 

To donate follow the link to the GoFundMe campaign  "Help Jessica Get a Handicap Van."