Contributors and Donors

Wheelchair girl pulling a banner that says "Giving However They Can - ALL ARE A BLESSING! "

Contributors and donors have given money, resources, time, prayers, talents and more.  In the long run, each will play  an important role in the success of the “Help Jessica get a Handicap Van” fundraiser. Share and prayer are essential. Please donate, share and pray. 

How to be a Contributor and Donor

There are ways to be a contributor or donor without giving one dollar. Don't get me wrong I like and need dollars, after all the ultimate goal is to raise $65 K to "Help Jessica Get a Handicap Van". I'm Jessica Kennedy, the Differently-Abled Writer and Speaker and to hold book signings and author school visits and speaking engagements. as well as, volunteering in the community and getting to church I need  a van. So, let's get back to how you can be a contributor or donor even if you haven't got any money to spare. 

First of all your contribution will be a blessing regardless of whether you donate any actual money and could be what makes this fundraiser successful .


Donate your time

Share my story with  friends, business associates, family and friends and contacts on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin,,  etc. 

Go Fund Me Campaign Flyer - Show your support by Sharing, Praying & Donating! Click here.In addition, consider placing a flyer in a high traffic area like a laundry room, church, break room at work,  or other places with a bulletin board. Get a "Help Jessica Get a Handicap Van" Flyer.





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Darrel Mounger  II

 Darrel G. Mounger II (Bubba or Little Darrel)


He was babysat by Jessica from infancy - 8 yrs old and never was there a sweeter and better behaved child. It's no surprise he is an American soldier and with men like him protecting the USA we should all sleep easier. 




Aspen Healthcare Logo

Aspen Healthcare


In 1998 Susy and Michael Jouett, owners of Aspen, formerly Jouett Respiratory Therapist became my therapists and life long friends. I credit their methods of respiratory treatment for the quality of life I enjoy; a published author and professional speaker despite my disabilities of quadriplegia and ventilator-dependence. 





Donor Mana C Bailey

Donor Mana C Bailey


Is a good friend of the family in Texas. She taught me some invaluable facts about womanhood. Always entertaining I never knew what color her hair would be the next time she visited.