Part 1 Finding Assistance Resources for the Disabled, Elderly & Ill

Part 1: Preparing for Getting Assistance Resources 

One of the biggest challenges disabled people face is finding assistance resources- financial and other. Consequently disabled people suffer, because they don’t know where to turn.

Do you have any assistance resource ideas?
Any ideas?

First of all knowing where to go and who to ask for assistance can be as challenging as a disability, chronic illness or being elderly. Since they don’t often they feel as if there is no hope. Therefore Jessica Kennedy DAWS wants to help. Here are some ideas for finding resources. Due to the great need if you know of others, please share them in a comment or through Contact Us.

Four Steps Before Seeking Assistance Resources 

STEP ONE: Write Your Story
Make it as compelling as possible 

  • Who are you? Write a mini biography.
  • Have you become disabled, chronically ill or experienced a radical change in physical or mental ability?
  • What  ties do you have to the community, if any?
  • What is your need?

STEP TWO: Pictures
Since a picture is worth a thousand words be selective.

  • First of all select a nice head shot or photo of you before the onset of the disability or illness
  • Choose a photograph that shows your current condition
  • Get a picture of the DME (durable medical equipment) or item  you need if it is a specific item or items (look for a picture on the internet.
  • Explain the benefits that the equipment will provide.

STEP THREE: Brainstorm
Find people, businesses and community service organizations that might provide assistance. 

  • Are their organizations that focus on your disability, illness, ethnicity, religious affiliation  or geographic region? Make a list. 
  • While you make the list go to your internet search engine and use search terms like those described above and from your list. 
  • In addition while you make your list include phone numbers and  web addresses for the prospects you will call.
  • If possible go in person, because it is much harder for someone to say “no” in person.
  • Finally think about previous employers, hobbies and  community involvement.  Furthermore be sure to think about other ways you spent your time?
A donation jar was one of many assistance resources Jessica Kennedy used in 1998
Jessica Kennedy DAWS donation jar 1998

Finally gather everything together 

  • Prepare your story and pictures and create a flyer
  • Write a condensed version with pictures for a donation jar insert
  • Prepare a summary of your situation to easily copy and paste to websites contact forms
  • Create a phone script that introduces you and what your needs are include suggestions on how they might help and how it will benefit them like publicity . Be sure to contact the media radio, newspaper, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Stumble Upon, etc.

The next post will share some specific organizations that focus on community services. So come back soon for Part II and III of Assistance Resources. 





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