Part 2 Finding Assistance Resources for the Disabled, Elderly & Ill

Part 2: #Assistance Resource Ideas 

Do you have any assistance resource ideas?
Any ideas?

First of all in many instances the chronically ill, disabled, elderly, infirm and others in need of financial and other assistance resources lack the help of family and friends. Organizations are listed that focus on service to their communities and will have assistance resource ideas.  Since many of these people are isolated they consequently have little contact with others within their community. Therefore they must reach out and ask for help despite fear of rejection and disappointment due to past experience. In the light of this they don’t take a chance and they only have themselves to blame if their situation doesn’t improve. They should in short consider what’s the worst and best thing that could happen if they ask for help? In conclusion community service is encouraged in these organizations and your needs coupled with that might be perfect for their next project. 

Organizations that focus on Community Service 

Then you should contact the following organizations and learn about their assistant resource ideas. The listed organizations emphasize community service.

Boy Scouts of America 
The Boy Scouts are always eager to help people in the community and have many assistance resource ideas.

They  are required to have a project to earn there Eagle Scout. For this reason the boy scouts frequently adopt projects for the purpose of community improvement. 

  • First  click on the link to the Boy Scouts of America website.
  • Second scroll to “Find Cub Scouting Units in Your Area” at the bottom of the page and enter your zip code to find a local unit and get the contact information.
Girl Scouts of America
 They can provide assistance resource ideas for completion of a Take Action project. 
Girl Scouts of America is an excellent place for assistant resource ideas
Girl Scouts of America

Since some girls that want to become an Ambassador are required to complete a Take Action project they will probably agree to let you be their project. These young women will become eligible for a college scholarship.

  •  First click on the link for the Girl Scouts of America website.
  •  Second scroll down and click “JOIN NOW” and enter their zip code to find a troop near them and find the contact information.

A Brownie troop held a bake sale and raised money for Jessica Kennedy DAWS in 1998. Jessica’s niece, DeLainey Shea McDermott, was a brownie and her troop leader and the girls in her troop worked hard to help.

Camp Fire 
The Teens in Action program is youth-led and youth-driven as well as guided by trained adults.
Campfire is an excellent place for assistant resource ideas


Through their service-learning framework, teens learn to identify community needs, issues, and challenges; decide what issues they want to advocate for; and then they take action to make a difference in their communities and provide assistance resource ideas.

  • First click on the above link for Camp Fire website link and scroll down.
  • Second on the right side under “Find a Camp Fire” enter your state and select a group near you and get their contact information.
 Rotary Club
The Rotarians help people of all ages and backgrounds for many  reasons and provide assistance resource ideas.
Rotary clubs are excellent groups for assistant resource ideas
Rotary clubs
  • First click on the above link for the Rotary club website.
  • Second scroll down to the blue box and in the drop down box click “other.”
  • Third click on the link that appears that says “Contact Us.”
Shiner’s International
The Shriners are known for their philanthropic efforts providing assistance resources.
The Shriners International are excellent group for providing assistant resource ideas
The Shriners International
  • First click on the above link for the Shriners International website.
  • Second click on “SEE ALL SHRINE LOCATIONS”and a map will appear.
  • Third click on the map to a location near you and find their contact information.

Assistance Resource Ideas: Specific #Fundraiser Ideas  

  • A donation jar was one of many assistance resources Jessica Kennedy used in 1998
    Jessica Kennedy DAWS donation jar 1998

    Donation jars– Place jars at gas stations, convenience stores, grocery stores, banks and all types of businesses. Ask to put the donation jars on the counter at cash registers.  Overall most of the donations will be coins. As a result someone will need to collect the coins and exchange them for dollars. In the long run all of the coins will add up. Jessica Kennedy raised a good amount of money to provide for her care. Finally this method was successful for Jessica Kennedy DAWS over time.  

  • Papa Johns pizza
    Papa Johns Pizza

    Pizza drive– Contact a local pizza parlor and see if they have assistance resource ideas like a pizza drive.

  • assistance resource bake sale
    Bake Sale

    Bake sales– The organizations above or churches, senior citizen groups and more raise money through bake sales.


  •  A silent auction can raise a lot of money.
    A Silent Auction

    Silent auctions-  Contact area businesses and ask them to contribute items and services for the auction. Since you will not request the contributions directly it is generally speaking essential to prepare everything from Part 1.

  • A contest won by guessing how many jelly beans are in the jar.
    Guess how many jelly beans.

    Contest: How many jelly beans are in a jar? – First, count the jelly beans as you fill a jar with them. Second, select a place for the jar that will have a lot of traffic.  In addition each guess should include their name and contact information.   Ordinarily the prize is money or something else of value. Request a sizable donation in the form of services or items of value. For the most part, the better the prize the more donations given and higher donations required for guessing. Also make sure your need and circumstances are short, compelling and easy to see by a donor.

  • Walk-a-thon/run– Volunteers called walkers or runners will ask people to pledge money for each mile the volunteer walks or runs. In short, the larger the pledge amounts and number of pledges the more money raised.
  • A Walk-a-Thon or Fun Run are excellent fundraisers
    A Walk-a-Thon or Fun Run

    Fun run– In short, participants find people or businesses to sponsor them. Overall the success or failure of the fundraiser is dependent on the number of runners and the number of sponsors. In essence the efforts of the runner to get sponsors is by and large dependent on that flier.  In the light of the importance of the flier take time to complete the steps in Part 1 so that the flier clearly expresses the reason for the event and your need and circumstances in a compelling way.

  • Hold a Raffle Fundraiser
    Hold a Raffle Fundraiser

    Raffle drawing– First, request that a business or businesses donate items or services for awards. Second, be present when you hold the raffle. For the most part, the better the prize the more raffle tickets sold and the higher the price of one.    

Finally, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask for help since so many groups focus on community service. All of these organizations have many assistance resource ideas and are eager to help with #fundraisers and time providing physical help;  everything from home modifications and raising money through bake sales. As a result of her personal experience Jessica Kennedy DAWS learned that these organizations help those in need and some  helped her directly or she learned of the help they gave others. 

In summary many organizations serve their communities by their help to people in need. In addition to collecting information on how to contact these groups prepare the information listed in Part 1. Then visit The Quad Spot blog again for Part 3 and for more assistance resource ideas. The Quad Spot blog regularly updates information about Jessica Kennedy DAWS, the disabled, elderly and chronically ill.  Pease look around and share your own ideas and suggestions for future subjects that you want covered.

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Finally contact the newspaper, radio and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and others.


Written by Jessica Kennedy DAWS (Differently-Abled Writer and Speaker)