Prayer Chain

Picture of a sunrise with psalm 27:1 to symbolize hope and God’s majesty in times of fear and doubt - Prayer chainFor the readers of The Quad Spot and were waiting on the second post that follows Part 1: Urinary Tract Infection. The post Part 2: Pseudomonas Lung Infection I apologize for its delay. Others need something and I will show them how to get it in short prayer.  Since the season to give is Christmas,  my gift to blog readers is a story about a selfless gift to me. The gift came from hundreds of others in 1998 prayers on prayer chain links from family, friends and countless strangers.

The Prayer Chain

Picture of a paper chain like the 1998 prayer chain of Jessica Kennedy

In 1998 I had a stroke and became a ventilator-dependent quadriplegic and I was depressed. Then my sister was worried and had a brilliant idea. She started a prayer chain. Like the paper construction chains I made in elementary school. Each link is about 11 inches long and 1”-1.5” wide. Also someone writes a prayer or supportive thought on the link.  

Actual prayer chain link from Jessica Kennedy's prayer chain in 1998
Jessica Kennedy’s favorite prayer link

Each night my family read links to me before they left the hospital. My family read the above link again and again, but they all comforted me. It was my favorite and was never added to the prayer chain, but kept loose and at hand. Altogether the chain grew to over 500 prayer chain links.

McKinney Courier Gazelle Photo of the Prayer Chain in 1998
McKinney Courier Gazelle Photo of the Prayer Chain in 1998








As shown above my mother and sister stayed by my side throughout my hospitalization. Coupled with the love of my family and the prayers on a bunch of colored strips of construction paper I began to open my heart to God.

Want to Start a Prayer Chain? 

Is someone in need of prayer? I never knew how much I needed God so my sister opened my eyes to what a real relationship with him would mean to me. Since I was drowning in pain and could see nothing, but what I had lost, He revealed himself slowly and I got to know him little by little as I healed.  The prayer chain is a subtle and nonthreatening way to introduce someone to Jesus Christ. 

How to Start a Prayer Chain? 

Connect your prayer chain links as shown above
Connect your prayer chain links as shown here
  • First, cut several strips of construction paper 8 inches long and 1 to 1.5 inches long.
  • Second, ask everyone you know and are acquainted with to write a prayer for them.
  • Third, read each prayer chain link and then add it to the chain

How  to Get More Prayer Chain Links 

My sister called a radio station and newspaper as well as asking her church. Other ideas like those listed below could make your chain even longer than mine.

  • Find churches online and contact them or visit them in person.
  • Write a post for social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google +, Instagram or others
  • Search for prayer chains on Google 
  • Find support groups or online forums
Reach out to Jessica Kennedy for a prayer
Reach out to Jessica Kennedy for a prayer

Are you in need of prayer, please leave a comment or send a private message through Contact Us. Do you know any additional helpful links for The Quad Spot? Any ideas for posts? I really want to hear from you.