Professional Speaker

Professional speaker Jessica Kennedy DAWS at the McKinney Rotary with an audience member
Jessica Kennedy The Differently-Abled Writer and Speaker at McKinney Rotary Speaking Engagement

Gathered from her experiences as a #stroke survivor and ventilator-dependent #quadriplegic, Jessica Kennedy, The Differently-Abled Writer and Speaker is a  professional speaker to audiences of medical professionals, church groups, disabled, children and civic organizations. She entertains, inspires and instructs while she speaks to groups and shares her personal experiences and faith.

Laughter Through Tears

 Jessica Kennedy shares her story from stroke through recovery.

Patient Advocacy

Jessica Kennedy discusses the role of patient and medical staff as advocates.

God’s Blessings 

How Jessica Kennedy finds peace and joy in hard times.

Intermittent Positive Pressure Breathing (IPPB) Therapy & Tussive Assist Cough

Jessica Kennedy discusses and demonstrates IPPB and tussive assist coughing, an alternative to  the method of deep suctioning, & lung health for the ventilator-dependent.

Spinal Meningitis

Jessica Kennedy discusses the symptoms, importance of prompt diagnosis and treatment and awareness of spinal meningitis.

Writing and Writing with a Disability

Jessica Kennedy discusses the keys to her success being published  and also offer other tips for aspiring authors.