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The Quad Spot logoWelcome to The Quad Spot. Please take your time and look around. Discover everything you can about being a ventilator-dependent quadriplegic. In the eighteen years since Jessica Kennedy The Differently-Abled Writer and Speaker endured a brain stem stroke, infarct and herniation she has gained a wealth of information.

The Quad Spot Blog Description/Information Provided

  •  caregivers
    • selection, use, training and interviews
  •  durable  medical equipment
    • equipment used by Jessica Kennedy DAWS
  • personal care
    • everything from her diet to healthy skin and bedsore prevention
  • God’s grace
    • With his grace and a relationship with Him life as a disabled person is challenging and wondrous.
    • With His grace anything is possible
  • therapy
    • physical, occupational, spiritual and mental recovery
  • positive mental attitude
    • the key to happiness and possibility
  • rehabilitation
    • success – finding the best you
  • Jessica Kennedy DAWS
    • personal experience emotional and spiritual
    • professional experience
      • author of picture books under her pen name J. Aday Kennedy
      • author of adult articles and essays (spiritual, inspirational and other subjects) writer and speaker) online, print magazines, newspapers, and books of essay collections like Chicken Soup for the Soul
      • professional Christian, differently-abled (ventilator-dependent quadriplegic) motivational and inspirational speaker



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