Skin Health: Eighteen Years Quadriplegic & Zero Bedsores

Ask Cows for Skin Health Tips?

 Bag balm best product for skin health
Bag Balm

Eighteen years ago my first caregiver gave me the best product for skin health. Have you ever heard of bag balm? It is for cow teats to treat chapped teats, but it does wonders for humans. Whenever I have a red spot I slather #BagBalm on that area and my skin health has been excellent. As a preventative measure my tail bone receives a healthy dollop.  That is a particularly vulnerable areas for wheelchair bound people. 

Chapped Hands, Dry Skin or Cracked Heels?

Bag balm great for the Skin health of callused, dry, chapped or cracked
Cracked Heels before bag balm

 My mother cuts the calluses off her heels with a razor blade. Now she coats her feet with bag balm and wears thick socks each and it has helped considerably. My caregivers like nurses wash their hands a zillion times a day. So, when she is washing dishes and wears gloves she coats her hands with the bag balm. My sister has Psoriasis and it helps moisturize the cracked skin and consequently the pain. I have a friend that uses it instead of lotion all over her body.

Turning Every Two Hours is the Pits

A turning mattress has been an important part of my skin care.
Turning Mattress

To prevent bed sores anyone that is paralyzed or bed ridden must be turned every two hours. Skin health is important, because a BedSore can result in life threatening infections. Additionally I hated for someone to turn me every two hours. That means never sleeping for more than two hours.  Also I couldn’t do anything when someone propped me on one side or the other,but lay there. So,  with a turning mattress I can stay on my back and I have a computer desk that slides over my bed.  

Skin Health Tips

Hot ti;p

  • Keep skin dry and clean. Don’t sit in urine or feces for extended time periods.
  • Bag balm prevents or treats cracked, chapped or dry skin, but I never use it on broken skin.
  • Manicurists should try bag balm to soften cuticles and fill the underside of fingernails before you clean out from under fingernails.
  • Excellent for skin health to keep skin hydrated.
  • A turning mattress alleviates the need to physically turn patients. The patients and caregivers enjoy full nights of sleep. 

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